It is impossible, but if you want, you can: How does the “prohibited” dual citizenship in Ukraine

The issue of dual citizenship in Ukraine was raised more than once, for example, after scandals with Hungarian passports, when employees of the Hungarian consulate issued passports of their country to Ukrainians.

The other day, on March 16, Foreign Minister Pavel Klimkin, who had previously supported the idea of several passports, called for the introduction of such citizenship for representatives of the Ukrainian diaspora.

Why is this question raised at all, and is it illegal dual citizenship in Ukraine?

What is dual citizenship

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Dual, it is multiple citizenships – the status of a person who simultaneously has the citizenship of two or more states. It is important that each of these states may require a person to perform all duties. What you want to know about dual citizenship is here

This status is possible for residents of those countries that have concluded an agreement on the mutual recognition of both citizenships. There are few such agreements; often such treaties exist between states that were metropolises and their colonies. For example, the UK has signed a dual citizenship agreement with Australia, India, and Canada. France has an agreement with Canada, Portugal with Brazil, and Spain with several Latin American countries.

At the same time, dual citizenship is not common in international practice.

In addition, it is possible to obtain dual citizenship by the so-called “right of the soil” or by birthright from parents – by the fact of birth in any country. There is no such right in Europe, but it exists in Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the USA, and several other countries.

However, many states do not require the abandonment of their former citizenship, giving their own. In the US, for example, you can have any citizenship in addition to the US, but the authorities simply do not recognize it – you cannot use it in the States.

Dual citizenship in Ukraine

The principle of single citizenship is affirmed in the Constitution and Articles 2 and 19 of the Law on Citizenship. According to them, in Ukraine, there is single citizenship, and provided that the Ukrainian has received one more – the Ukrainian citizenship is lost.

At the same time, there are no laws punishing any dual citizenship – Ukraine simply does not recognize the fact of second citizenship.

That is, the owner of the passport of Ukraine and Argentina on the territory of Ukraine will be considered a Ukrainian citizen, on the territory of Argentina – Argentine. When traveling to other countries, a person is free to choose which passport to provide.

Problems may arise with civil servants – according to Article 19 of the Law of Ukraine “On Civil Service”, citizens of other countries cannot occupy public offices.

How can detect the presence of a second citizenship

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No, The fact is that in Ukraine there is no law that would oblige to notify the authorities about the receipt of a second passport. It is the notification that can be considered the basis for the termination of citizenship, however, even if one is available, the procedure does not occur automatically.

Moreover, only the president can deprive Ukrainian citizenship.

Dual citizenship in the world

Many countries do not prohibit their citizens to be also citizens of another country. In the world at the moment, about 80 countries do not recognize dual citizenship. For the most part, these are countries of Asia and Africa, in Europe “against” Austria, Lithuania, Norway, and the Netherlands.

At the same time, in Germany, they demand renunciation of their former citizenship when adopting German through naturalization, but there are exceptions here too.

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