Britain’s Cypriots queue for dual citizenship in view of Brexit

There are “tectonic” changes for Cyprus after Brexit, says the High Commissioner in the United Kingdom.

“Tectonic” described the changes that will take place for both Cyprus and the other European countries after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union, regardless of how it will become the High Commissioner of the Republic of Cyprus in London Ambassador Euripides Evridium.

Speaking to Radio First, “All to Light”, Mr Evriviadis said that Cypriots in the country are visiting the UNHCR offices in order to secure dual citizenship and secure their European rights. 

“Everyone is worried about the developments. We have a community of 300,000 people and most of them are British citizens with dual citizenship. Indeed, those who did not have dual citizenship are now making requests to receive it, which seems to be the case with our work in the consular section where it has risen by about 500%. We try to serve everyone, but the staff is a little bit. In any case, the world does not seem to want to lose its European identity, and Cypriots 3-4 generation who had begun to forget Cyprus and only had British citizenship now come to get the Cypriot, “he added, adding that this is a great challenge and an “other dimension” of Brexit that will have other implications for the cohesion of the Greek community.

Asked if there is anything to be of any concern to him the following day, he replied that the United Kingdom itself has committed itself that even if no exit agreement is in place, the rights of the citizens of the European States will be guaranteed as if there were agreement.

“This will definitely last until December 2020, I do not know if it will last even longer,” he said.

Regarding how Cyprus is affected by the exit of the United Kingdom, Mr. Evriviadis argued that anything that weakens the European Union is not in the interests of Cyprus.

“We want an EU that is strong enough to be a major player in the international diplomatic and international stage because we are also part of the 27, we are at the same table as the other countries and we are part of the institutions,” he said.

He added that the UK is one of Cyprus’ main trade and economic partners, it is the second export destination for products, the first destination for exports of services, the main source of foreign investment and tourism.

The sterling’s devaluation in relation to the euro will also be very important, which will significantly affect all the country’s partners the next day.

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